Consent form for filming or photography of child under 18 years of age

I hereby consent to Geckos Climbing Ltd using images of my child captured in video recordings, and/or photographs at The Castle Climbing Centre, Green Lanes, London N4 2HA, for use in marketing and publicity-related purposes and I understand that they may be published on social media and the Geckos Climbing Ltd and/or other websites.

I understand that:

  • their images will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act;
  • that the images of my child captured in the video recordings and/or photographs will be the copyright of the Geckos Climbing Ltd and any other intellectual property which arises in the recordings will also belong to Geckos Climbing Ltd;
  • that the images of the child will only be used by Geckos Climbing Ltd for non-commercial use and will not be sold on to any third party;
  • My child and I hereby agree to irrevocably assign all property rights in my child’s recordings to Geckos Climbing Ltd;
  • I can ask Geckos Climbing Ltd to stop using my child’s images at any time.